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Craig Capurso

In 2012, Craig reached a turning point in his career. He had been splitting his time between a demanding finance career on Wall Street and an equally demanding fitness routine at the gym. He realized that he had more passion for training after a year of winning several bodybuilding competitions, and left the finance world for good to start his own bodybuilding and fitness content creation and instruction business, Fire and Ice Fitness which is now LIV LFE, INC.

Craig Capurso has reached the top echelons of the bodybuilding and training fields after just a few years focusing on them full-time. He has solidified his place in the industry with his numerous titles and his reputation of making difficult training concepts simple to execute by following his videos and instructional articles Craig has spent his whole life pushing himself to be the best.

When he was eight years old trying out for Junior Pee-Wee football, he discovered that he was his own best motivator. While other kids had to be pushed to succeed by parents or coaches, Craig was already self-motivated, fearless, and thirsty to be the best. This has followed him his whole life. Since childhood, Craig has continued to dominate.  After many championship wins in college, Craig knew he needed a way to keep pushing himself to be a better, stronger athlete as a professional. When he became an oil derivatives and futures trader on Wall Street, Craig swore he would never sacrifice his health and fitness for his career. He taught himself to maximize his time in the gym and in competitions to make sure he could fit it into his busy lifestyle.

In 2012, Craig spent the year competing in progressively more prestigious competitions, and ultimately won the title for the IFBB Men’s Physique Competition. This was a significant victory that launched him into the limelight and and gave him the springboard to finally fulfill his dream of leaving the finance world to start his own business, Fire and Ice Fitness, and focus on bodybuilding, training and competing full-time.

Now Craig Capurso is one of the most respected names in the business. He spends his time teaching his expertise to clients through his videos, blogs and ebooks, and developing content based around his own personal training philosophies to help others reach higher success. When he is not competing or working with clients, the IFBB Pro champion spends his spare time actively participating in charity events, especially by using his athletic abilities to raise money for those in need.

Craig’s inspiration is his mother. When he was still working on Wall Street, his mom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. He wanted to help not just her, but also the millions of people that suffer from this horrible disease. Craig competed in two sanctioned amateur Wall St boxing matches to raise an estimated 10K in contributions for various charities and three Wall St Decathlon Events where he raised over 10k in charitable contributions to benefit cancer research. Thankfully, Craig’s mother is now in remission, and her fight with this deadly disease continues to serve as his source of inspiration. Craig is always open to participating in events to benefit charities close to his heart and hopes to inspire other athletes to give back as he does.

If you would like to get Craig Capurso involved in your cause, please write him a message with all the details and he will get back to you about it as soon as possible.


  • – Jan 2012 – Active
  • Cellucor – March 2012-Active


  • Born: Bristol, CT
  • Current Residence: Santa Clara, CA
  • Height: 5-10 Weight: 225 Eyes: Green Hair: Brown
  •  Sacred Heart University – GPA 3.7 – Dean’s List– Scholar-Athlete Award 4 Year NCAA


  • Sacred Heart University- Div 1AA – Football Starter Outside Backer
  • 4 Year Semi-Pro New England Knights Captain and Inside Backer
  • USA Boxing Commission Amateur Boxer 2-0 (Nicknamed “The Hot Commodity”)
    • Win–KO– Opponent — Joe Magee – BB Kings–06-20-2008
    • Win–KO– Opponent–Kenneth Cunningham–Hammerstein Ball Room – 10-23-2008

Fitness Modeling and Bodybuilding Competitions

  • 2013- IFBB Valenti Gold Cup — Men’s Physique — 9th place
  • 2013- IFBB Dallas Europa — Men’s Physique — 10th Place
  • 2013- IFBB Tampa Pro — Men’s Physique — 5th Place
  • 2013- IFBB Toronto Pro — Men’s Physique — 5th Place
  • 2013- IFBB New York Pro — Men’s Physique — 4th place
  • 2013- IFBB Pittsburgh Pro — Men’s Physique — 14th Place
  • 2013- IFBB Orlando Europa — Men’s Physique — 10th Place
  • 2012- IFBB Valenti Gold Cup — Men’s Physique — 5th Place
  • 2012- IFBB New York Pro — Men’s Physique — 9th place
  • 2012- Spokes Model Contest — 1st Place — Spokes Model Contract
  • 2011 – NPC Team Universe – Men’s Physique– Class A — 1st Place– Awarded IFBB Pro Card
  • 2011 – NPC JR Nationals – Men’s Physique — Class A — 5th Place–
  • 2011 – NPC Garden States – Men’s Physique — 1 Class — 1st place
  • 2011 – NPC Atlantic States – Men’s Physique — 1 Class — 1st place
  • 2011 – WBFF Central US Championship – Muscle Model – 6th Place
  • 2011 – WBFF Fitness Atlantic – Fitness Model – 4th Place
  • 2010 – INBF – Natural Mania – Mr. Fitness Contest – Class B — 1st Placeand Overall Winner
  • 2010 – INBF – Natural Mania — Open Heavyweight Bodybuilding — 3rd Place
  • 2009 – Model Universe Miami — 5th Place
  • 2009 – Fitness Atlantic- Fitness Model –1st Place


  • ESPN (2015) – Commercial
  • (2014) – 30 Days Out Trainer
  • (2012) – Built with Science Trainer
  • Gainomax (2012) – Football Player (Commercial)
  • Kat DeLuna (2011) – Drop It Low (Music Video)
  • The Sitter (2011) – Fabio Bodybuilder (Movie)


  • Romance Cover: Decadent Master by Tawny Taylor
  • Romance Cover: Simply Forbidden by Kate Pearce
  • Romance Cover: Tall, Dark, and Lonesome by Debra Dixon
  • CELLUCOR ADS: Train Magazine, Muscle & Fitness, IRON MAN, Muscle Insider, Muscle & Body
  • BODYBUILDING.COM ADS : Train Magazine, Muscle & Fitness, FLEX
  • Muscle Mag July 2014 Cover and The Capurso Brand + Leg Spread
  • Muscle & Body August 2012 Cover and Wall Streets Fittest Man Spread pg 84
  • Iron Man Magazine June 2012 Cover and spread pg 80
  • Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Nov. 2011 Issue, pg 128
  • Men’s Exercise March 2011– “Meet Mr. Fitness” 7-pg Workout Spread
  • Pro Natural Muscle Periodical 1st qtr 2011- “The Impact of Carbs” Article and Picture
  • Pro Natural Muscle Periodical 1 qtr 2011- “How Many Reps?” Article and Picture
  • Exercise For Men Only – Jan 2011 – “Sex and the Single Male” Article and Picture
  • DNA Magazine #112: The Sports Issue – “Rough Trader” Article and Picture Spread
  • Beautiful Mag -2009 (3-04) “If the Shoe Fits, Wear It” Cover and Story
  • Pretty Masculine by Michael Ruiz (book of fitness models), proceeds to GMHC


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  • 30 Days Out – Trainer – May 2014,
  • Count Down to Bigger Pecs – Feb 2014,
  • Stacked Caps – Jan 2014,
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